Treatment of waste

Incineration of hazardous wastes


In the high-temperature incineration plant, one of the most modern of its kind in Europe, AVG dispose of their wastes in an environmentally-friendly way. There are generally no limits to the input, except for explosive and radio-active substances.






Chemical-physical treatment of waste (CPA)


In addition to the incineration of waste, AVG detoxify inorganic liquids from various processes during the chemical-physical treatment. AVG's specialist personnel offer you competent and individual solutions for the treatment of your inorganic wastes that can be pumped.





Temporary storage for wastes


Some kinds of waste require a special process of disposal. AVG offer you to act as an agent and make arrangements with corresponding partners for disposal via out temporary store.





Separation plant


Oil-in-water mixtures are processed in the separation plant. The wastes originate from chemical, petrochemical and other industries, as well as petrol stations and other small businesses.




AbfallbehandlungTreatment of waste
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Offering Solutions
AVG's high-temperature incineration plant is the focal point of an efficient disposal centre. In addition to the incineration process, we treat 30,000 tonnes of inorganic liquids or oil-and-water mixtures every year. Companies with a wide spectrum of hazardous wastes benefit particularly from this.