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Waste management and logistics


Many hazardous wastes are not immediately disposed of, but are

first collected where they arise.


AVG will also manage this waste

from the outset.


We set up suitable collection

containers and ensure that the waste is stored and regularly removed in keeping with good practice and official regulations.


This waste is transported by GAREG Umwelt-Logistik GmbH, a subsidiary of AVG.


AVG disposes of all the combustible materials in the European waste catalogue - in solid, paste or liquid form, loose or in drums.


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Offering Solutions
AVG's high-temperature incineration plant is the focal point of an efficient disposal centre. In addition to the incineration process, we treat 30,000 tonnes of inorganic liquids or oil-and-water mixtures every year. Companies with a wide spectrum of hazardous wastes benefit particularly from this.