Separation plant

Oil-in-water mixtures are processed in the separation. The wastes originate from the industrial sector, as well as from petrol stations and other small businesses.


The oil-in-water mixture consisting of sedimentation slag, aqueous phase, solid sewage and oil is drained off into the interim basin.


From the interim basin, the mixture is pumped into a buffer container in which oil, water and sedimentation slag is individually extracted by the addition of suitable, auxiliary substances.


The extracted oil and sedimentation slag are incinerated in AVG's hazardous waste incineration plant.


The aqueous phase is discharged into the sewer in accordance with the statutory regulations for discharge.



SeparationsanlageSeparation plant
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AVG's high-temperature incineration plant is the focal point of an efficient disposal centre. In addition to the incineration process, we treat 30,000 tonnes of inorganic liquids or oil-and-water mixtures every year. Companies with a wide spectrum of hazardous wastes benefit particularly from this.