Hazardous waste incineration plant

The technical construction of the incineration plant AVG's hazardous waste incineration plant is split into two identical, but independent lines. A separate flue gas cleaning plant has been allocated to each incineration line.



  • Charging
  • Rotary kiln
  • Slag removal
  • Secondary combustion chamber
  • Waste Steam Generator
  • Electrostatic precipitator
  • HCI absorber
  • SO2 absorber
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Denitrifier
  • Stack
  • Emission Monitoring
Sonderabfall- verbrennungsanlagenHazardous waste incineration plant
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Offering Solutions
AVG's high-temperature incineration plant is the focal point of an efficient disposal centre. In addition to the incineration process, we treat 30,000 tonnes of inorganic liquids or oil-and-water mixtures every year. Companies with a wide spectrum of hazardous wastes benefit particularly from this.