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Out of sight, out of mind?

Hazardous wastes can have a very long life, and it is seldom pleasant to come across them again.


The safest method of protecting the environment in the long term is the controlled, high-temperature incineration of these wastes.


Harmful substances are destroyed,

and only a small proportion of the

original volume is left over in the form of slag and fly ash.


AVG Abfall-Verwertungs-Gesellschaft mbH is one of the first companies to specialise in this method of waste disposal.


As the first high-temperature incineration facility in Germany, we have pioneered the ecologically compatible disposal of industrial waste since 1972 - long before legal regulation came into effect.


Our environmental and quality standards are still considered the industry's benchmark.


So it is with a clear conscience that you can place the responsibility for the safe disposal of your waste into our hands.



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AVG's high-temperature incineration plant is the focal point of an efficient disposal centre. In addition to the incineration process, we treat 30,000 tonnes of inorganic liquids or oil-and-water mixtures every year. Companies with a wide spectrum of hazardous wastes benefit particularly from this.